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February 08, 2017



Yikes! Can't decide between Ballerina, Model and Zauberer....... Perhaps I will begin with Ballerina! I was on your site just last week searching for this new line!

Karen M

9314 - Ballerina. I would knit socks for myself - love Opal yarns.


Sport Pilot!! For ME, of course! Opal is so much fun to knit, and lasts so well.... one of my first pr of socks, Opal yarn, was made 12 years ago, and Inam still wearing them!

Paula de Marco

I love the turquoise - 9311. It's a happy color!

Jeanne Bush

I'd pick 9311 - I love the tourquoise pop of color. I would knit 2 pairs of ankle socks to wear while cycling - one pair for myself and one pair for a friend.

Wendy Chase

9317 would be my choice. I love the colors of the others and they would be fun to knit with but I'd like a nice neutral pair for myself that still had some fun patterns.


I love them all but would choose Superstar and knit socks for my granddaughter!

carol fun

I would pick Bodybuilder... something I will never be...but it is certainly a strong yarn that would make great socks for my friends!


I'm so NOT a ballerina, but that's the colorway I'd choose. For myself.

Kathy Scozzari

I would love 9314....Ballerina. Gorgeous!

Rhonda Atkinson

9312 is what I'd choose and knit for me!
Have done so much knitting for others lately that it's time for a new pair of socks for me.


9311! Yoga socks for my daughteršŸ•‰


I would choose sport pilot and knit them for my self.


I'd chose Model. Those colors speak to me. Definitely socks for me.


Model I would knit for me.

Michele Seese

Love #9317! I would knit some high socks for my youngest son to wear with his leg braces. He would love them!


I would make socks for my son with 9317.

Deb in NC

I would choose 9311 and do them for my husband. He is a 30 year fireman soon be retiring to start another job in the fall. He will be wearing real clothes not a uniform. What a better way to start retirement than with a pair of interesting socks instead of plain black ones.


I love 9314/Ballerina. Such a great color combination! The socks would definitely be made for me!

Nancy F.

Superstar...for my daughter who loves purple!

Alecia Helton

Superstar. The purple with bright red accents really pop.


9317. My mom just wore out her favorite pair of handknit socks. She liked the denim colorway. 9317 looks similar and I could make a great replacement pair for her.

sue swartz herr

Oh, I'd choos 9314, my sister's colors.

Mary Cherrey

Ballerina is my favorite and I would be a selfish knitter and make the socks for myself!

Renee Claude lessard

I would choose the diskjockey for making socks to myseld!


9312 for me. So far I've given away all the socks I've knitted.

Karen G.

I think I'd choose Discjockey, but they are all such great colors. I love the way Opal manages to have so much more than just basic striping happening in their sock yarns.
I'd certainly make socks- I think it's the best showcase for an Opal pattern. I'd probably make them for my son's girlfriend in Poland. I made her socks Christmas before last and she was disappointed not to get another pair this year!


I love knitting socks for my granddaughter. She loves lime green and purple so SportPilot #9312 would be perfect for her. She is 10 and has been knitting off and on for 2 years. Soon she will be able to knit her own socks and leg warmers.


Beautiful I love superstar great colors.


9314 Ballerina for my sister!


I would go with 9312 - thanks for the contest - great looking yarn.

Kristen Smith

Zauberer, for sure! For me :)

Chris C.

I would choose color 9311 and treat myself to a new pair of socks. What a great way to start the new year!


9310 or 9314 I would make socks for my granddaughter(s)

Barbara osterberg

9314. I pair of socks for me and with any left over yarn, I'll make a shortie pair for my friend.

Judy Drew

I would choose Sportpilot and make them for a friend who likes crazy color combos.


I love all the Opal colors. I would choose 9316 and knit it for my daughter.


I would choose Superstar, and make a brightly colored hat and maybe a scarf for my 4 year old daughter.

Martina N

I love Opal sock yarn more than any other! I think I'd like to try 9310, Superstar, as you can never have enough purple in your sock wardrobe!


I love Sportpilot although every color is incredible. Love the inventive names too!


I think disc jockey but sport pilot is a close second!


9313 for me because orange and blue are my signature colors!


Love the 9317. It looks like it might be guy-friendly, and thus suitable for my husband!

Donna R

I like 9312

Ann Hedington

I like all of the colors! But I'd probably do Zauberer first.


I choose Model. Great colorway to go with denim.


9317 Zauberer, for me. I like that it is interesting, but not too crazy with the colors, and reminds me of a good pair of jeans.

Mary Jansma

I would choose 9313 because it so vibrant. I reside in Florida during the winter and don't have much need for warm socks, but I like to knit socks so I knit them for my step daughters in Indiana and Washington State. I get the joy of knitting and they get warm feet.

Barbara Lynes

Definitely SportPilot. I love making socks for my daughter, and she would LOVE these wonderful colors!


I am a big fan of anything blue, so color 9311 would be my choice. I am still new at sock making, so I would make them for myself.


I would choose Disc Jockey and make me and my four year old matching socks with contrasting heels and toes with one of my stashed solids!

Jan Ball

I like sport pilot. Think it would make a colorful cowl or mini shawl for Mardi Gras. Might have to keep that for myself.

Brenda Wilson

9312 socks for my daughter


Hmm, choosing just one is hard, but i find myself most drawn to Ballerina. I'd knit it for myself, I'm kindof selfish that way.


It would have to be for me - the SUPERSTAR!!


I would choose Sportpilot to knit something for my daughter.


Superstar for my son, who's pursuing his dream in sunny Los Angeles, CA. He stuck by me while I went through chemo and radiation for BC and reconstruction. Finally it was time for him to pursue his dream. He wears Birkenstocks so the yarn would make a great pair of socks for him to show off!


I choose KĆ¼nstler, and I don't know who I'd knit it for, or what it would become. I'm stalled on my first two pair of socks (so many tiny stitches), but love sock yarn for baby things, shawlettes or hats.

Thanks for the contest!


I'd choose Kunstler because I think it would go with everything. I'd make socks for me or my eldest. Thanks for the contest. Lovely yarns.


I love Ballerina and would knit socks for myself.


9311 for me!


9315 kunstler for my son


Superstar for the 18 yr. old granddaughter, Model for the 22 yr.old granddaughter, and Zauberer for me!

Sue Dobiesz

They're all beautiful, but I'd have to choose 9310 (Superstar), and theyd probably be for myself. But my sister might be able to talk me into making socks for her since she does so much to help me.


I would choose Sportpilot for myself, because, well, purple and green!


Love 9317 Zauberer. The colours would fit so well with my wardrobe, thus I would keep them for myself.


I'd love to knit a pair for myself in 9315. But in all honesty they're all terrific. Gotta love opal.

Katrina Gile

I love Opal yarns! I like the Model#9311 from this collection. The turquoise is so fun. I would make myself more socks, I almost always have a couple pairs going.


9312 - and I'd knit the socks for a friend. Gorgeous colors, and so hard to choose just one.

Lisa P.

I would choose 9317! Love those colors.


Ballerina. Probably make them for myself.


I would choose 9311 and make myself socks. Beautiful yarn.

Kathie Frazier

They all look wonderful, but I like 9314.

Linda Bazinet

9311 Model for me. I'd like to say I would be generous and give them away but I don't think I would be able to part with those colours!


9317 for myself. I love Navy.


I would choose 9317.
I would knit socks for my conservative husband.
This color would also make a great baby sweater for a boy!

Renee' Sawyer

I would pick #9315. With it I would knit a pair of Rose City Rollers for my daughter and a matching pair for my granddaughter... That would be fun!


It would be SportPilot. I can't seem to pass over the purple and grass greens. These would be all mine!


I'd choose Zauberer 9317 and I'd knit socks for me.


i'd have to go with 9310(Superstar), because that's my daughter's fave, and then make her some socks and mitts.


It's hard to pick just one but I'd have to with 9311 - Model. And since turquoise is my favorite color I would have to make socks for me!

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