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May 09, 2013



Yay! I love this post. I'm really looking forward to my next visit to the store. (I live in Indy, so I have to plan a day trip.) Are you planning special shenanigans for the June 8 anniversary?


Maybe that's my problem.. too much light in your store and that's why I have to buy yarn because I can see how naturally beautiful it is. Yes, that will be my excuse now!! :-)

Susan Hill

I worked for many years in an historic, old building where windows had been covered for lowering ceilings and false walls for additional office space. When a major restoration was done and these windows were uncovered, it was discovered not only windows but some were stained glass more than 100 years old. The beauty was beyond description. I applaud your efforts to restore an old building and find its original beauty to share with your city and customers. What better use than to display and sell gorgeous yarns which are themselves works of art. Love your posts, pics and yarns.

Linda W.

Are you going to post a pictures of your Sock Club goodies so that the rest of us can see what we're missing? I would love to these yarns :)


Wow, I knew it made a difference, but that is a lot. I often will go outside with yarn just to make sure of colors.


What a difference! Thanks for sharing this.

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