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June 12, 2012


aurora ann fox

I really love the multi-rainbow!and I love LL for knitting socks...

Lois Yamada

Maleficents Spindel......I really love this colorway (a new one too)but the name sure doesn't roll off your tongue.

Linda B

As I'm referred to as Linda Bee, I'd definitely have to say Stripe Bee!! But Country Christmas is a close second. Thanks for the give away.


I was going to go with 'The Bean' because neutrals are winning my eye right now, but then I scrolled a little and saw 'Maleficents Spindle' that's the one for me. :)


Rainbow. No, Multi Jeans. No, Lincoln Park.
I love them all.


Lincoln Park caught my eye as soon as I saw it! Reminds me of how I would really like my flowers to look!!!!!!!

Kathy Beaumont

Amy's Vintage Office or Ysolda Red. I bought Amy's when it first came out, and love how it knitted up, and I have always wanted Ysolda's. Good luck with the new family member.

Suzan Tiemroth-Zavala

Vintage Office! Love the colors. Also, Baltic Sea. It would be hard to choose.

Debbie H

My fav color is Rainbow. I love all the bright colors!


LL SM Multi Lincoln Park is calling my name!


I drool over LL multi's, but think Fjord would make gorgeous patterned socks!

Jeanne B

4th of July is coming up and I'm selecting Liberty.


I love Blackberry's color but I love the name Kerfuffle!


I love anything bright like Irving Park!

Kim B.

I am really liking Multi Turtle Rodeo. But I have a lot of favs in LL colorways.


I am loving Rainbow. It looks like the perfect colour for underneath a boring business suit.


Childs Play would be my favorite...the colors really catch my eye. The sun is shining and you can hear all the little voices enjoying being outside...

Kim Corum

My favorite is Liberty!How better to show your love of this glorious country than a stunning pair of socks made from Liberty. And the special properties of Soulmate are perfect for summer socks!

Sarah Wethered

Multi Rainbow is calling my name


I'm liking the muted colors of Aslan. With the heat - I'm wanting cooler/calmer colors.

Leta Hansen

Buckingham Fountain-elegant and classic.


Loving Turtle Rodeo, but Zombie BBQ is my all-time fav!

Sue Ellen Colter

I like Denim because I'm always wearing jeans, but Zombie BBQ comes in a close second. I would always be in a good mood when I'm wearing Zombie BBQ because nobody else would know the secret name.

Jeri Nicklau

Well that was hard! So many favorites of this lovely yarn. I will choose Irving Park. Solemate is a nice blend to use for gifts.


Truly, I need one in every color! Forced to pick, I'd say Blackberry, but it's a very tough choice.

Fern Braverman

Baltic sea would be my choice. Beautiful mix of colors.


Zombie BBQ looks like a fun color to knit with!

Lisa Viviano

I like Giddings. A great color combo.

Sue J

I'd go with those colors!!


cookie a's deep dark secret! i've used this in shepard worsted and bulky for hats and would love to try in it solemate using one of cookie's sock patterns.


Ysolda Red...When in doubt, choose red!


Turtle rodeo! I'm not sure if the color or the name pulls me in more, but I'm hooked!


I love them all. Multi Aslan is one of my favorites.


Emm, emmmm, err, which one

Multi Cornelia

phew......... decision made.

Beverly Rampe

My favorite color is the solid blackberry. Just can't get enough of the purples.

Joyce Correia

Baltic Sea is it. I see that as a "Wingspan" scarf.


So many nice ones to choose from. Probably Fjord.


I think my favourite is Cookie's Deep Dark Secret.




Multi rainbow is happy. At end of day it is a reminder to count the blessings. Also, in dreary winterdays you will be noticed wearing these socks.

Lynn Z

It's so hard to choose...but I'll say Edgewater is my favorite today. :)


Grand Street Ink is just lovely!


I love The L, but the Magnificent Mile would be a close second!

paula busbee

My last name is Busbee so I have to say the striped bee is the best.


I like Lincoln Park. It makes me think of Pink Flamingos.

Penelope Damore

Definitely the Multi Baltic Sea--it would coordinate so well with my outfits.

Rachel S

I'm crushing a little on Multi Hawaii, myself.


I haven't tried the yarn yet..but, the watercolor is really pretty also the one you like.. Love blues and greens together.. heck, I like them all!

Sindy Faddis

Giddings, or Hawaii or..., Not I think Giddings


I love the name of the Zombie BBQ, but Maleficent's Spindel would work up beautifully.


Edgewater, looks and sounds like a beach at twilight.


Gold Hill does it for me! Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!

Rebecca P

I love the Country Christmas but the Liberty is also pretty.

Ilisha Helfman

So hard to pick! Right now I'd say Multi Maleficents Spindel. I'm imagining the pretty stripes it would make with the grey setting off the brighter colors. LOVE your photos. Have a happy baby!

Kathy at Knitting Off the Grid

Country Christmas for sure!


i love childs play! so fun!

Ann Duke

I like the Child's Play. It is so bright and cheerful.

Audra Daughtry

Loving that Kedzie too!! There are so many wonderful Lorna's colors - Cornelia, Giddings, Irving Park, Liberty, and there are so many that I already own. Huge Lorna's fan!!

Bette Lacaille

I'm partial to Cornelia - the colors make me happy.


Love Lincoln Park! So yummy.


I love watercolor. :)

Cyndy Landers AKA the Yarnwitch

Aslan has been my favorite for years but truely LL doesn't dye a bad color. They are all fabulous!


Solid Manzanita is beautiful! sounds like the outlast fiber would be fine in winter, too. would like to give it a try ... thanx for the chance to win some.

Jean Hallada

Only because, unbelievably as it may seem, I don't have any Patriotic socks, I vote for Liberty. Otherwise, jeans. Well, because of my name.


I love zombie BBQ! it was my first LL and I've used it on every single base they offer. my maleficent's spindle is beautiful, that is the first solemate colorway I ever tried, and I would love a sweaters worth of kerfluffle. of course that kedzie is stunning....but always,always my true love is for the zombie BBQ.


I love shenanagins...the gold and the turquoise!


Watercolor definitely draws me in. Very calming.

Barbara Aaker

I'm torn between Ysolda Red and Denim. Best wishes for you and your family this summer!

Anne Marie

Child's Play looks fun! Rav amchart


I would have to say Watercolor is my current favorite.

Libba Hicks

The colors are all beautiful, so my favorite changes from time to time. At the moment, it is Solemate Multi The L. I just keep going back to it.


Right now my favorite is Midway but Kedzie is running a close second!


Its hard to choose when you're a "yarn junkie", but I love Multi Maleficents Spindel. The colors blend beautifully and I love the greens with the purples.


I'm going to cheat slightly and pick a multi and a solid - Multi is Giddings and Solid would be Grand Street Ink. But they are all gorgeous!


Buckingham Fountain knits up into a very pretty pair of socks - good soft colorway for accountants, like my sister. As for me, Rainbow looks great!


I'm really lovin' the Blackberry!

Kay L

I love lots of the colors LL does up sock yarn in but Maleficent's Spindel really caught my eye.


"Shenanigan" makes my heart sing :)


I like Kerfuffle...maybe it's the name or the purpley color.

Pat Richardson

I really like the Solid Blackberry.

Robin Gellrt

Amy's vintage office for me,

Rusty M.

Gosh. So hard to decide but I think I'm partial to Kedzie as well.Thanks.

Betsy Pratt

I'm really drawn to the harmonious colors of Calumet. So pretty!

Theresa Morris

Thanks for the opportunity. I've never seen this yarn and would love to try it. I really like Childs Play.

Carol F

How can you go wrong with a name like "Turtle Rodeo"?

Adrienne Baum

Aslan! Just the right color and combinned with the temperature adjusting propeties, perfect for my FIL's always cold feet!


Definitely Child's Play - oh so pretty!!!


Difficult choice but I like rainbow.


Watercolor is so pretty! It's my favorite right now (not that they aren't all lovely, like everything from LL).

Jean Yuryan

It's tough; I guess I'd go with country christmas!!


Jeans, definitely jeans


baltic sea. gorgeous!


so difficult to pick just one! I think my current favorite is Magnificent Mile. thanks for the chance to win!


My favorite by far is Magnificent Mile, I love yellow, so cheery.

Jodi Geers

I would have to say that Maleficents Spindle is my favorite right now. Such a beautiful combination of color.


So hard to choose, but Baltic Sea would be it :)


My favorite is Giddings. But I also love Zombie BBQ.


I think Maleficent's Spindle is stunning!


Ashburn is calling my name!


Stripe Bee...colors of my alma mater....Boiler Up!

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