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July 12, 2005



Ha! Come out to Arizona where it hasn't rained in MONTHS. Our monsoon season is late and I swear I'm going to shrivel up the next time I go outside. Oh, and did I mention it is 115 here today? Ugh.


Um, yeah, maybe I shouldn't complain then. But wait, Allison without complaining would be like Arizona without the heat- just wouldn't happen....


What's the deal with IHOP marketing funnel cakes? Have you seen this? They take a funnel cake, put fruit and whipped cream on top and sell it. Don't they know funnel cakes only work when you buy them from a carnie?!??!


I KNOW! But as a former restaurant inspector (wait while I put on my hair net and get out the badge)... it would be hard choosing b/t an IHOP and a carnie's food trailer. As far as hygiene goes, it's six of one... you know the rest.


I so totally hate summer out here and complain non-stop (to my husband's delight). But, at least I have AC in my home, car and office to escape to. Can you imagine not having AC?

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